How KlikKapal Works

Offer your vessels ~ Deliver your cargo.

Build Your Digital Fleets

Ship Owners can submit the vessels and build their own digital fleets in KlikKapal easily.

Create & Publish Your Order

Cargo Owners may start to create and publish your shipment order online. Anytime, anywhere.

Bid To Preferred Order

Ship Owners can browse and bid in the available shipment orders created by the Cargo Owners.

Pick A Bid That Suits You

Cargo Owners can choose the best candidate of the shipping company to deliver their goods.

Initiate The Shipment

The chosen SO and CO can start paperwork/payment directly with each other and start the shipment process.

Monitor The Shipment

CO can now easily monitor the shipment through KlikKapal dashboard.

Shipment Done And Appraisal

Upon Shipment Completion, SO and CO can conclude all paperwork/payment and appraise each other performance via KlikKapal for better quality control.